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SUNNY 1210AM plays you favorite music & memories of Memphis. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

Listening from our cruise ship

Hi George, this our view from our ship, while listening to your station.  Not bad and home town memories at the same time.

- Jerry

The 5 Royales

"This is Dedicated to the One I Love"

I M O  their biggest , best hit of The 5 Royales and the theme song for Charles Turner and the Famous Vel-Tones at the Plantation Inn in West Memphis, Ark.

"Having Fun with Morris" is not on this album But for sure I have the 45 R P M single this album came from the Home of the Blues record shop 107 Beale St Ruben Cherry because Daddy-O-Dewey Phillips told me to buy my records there 

"Tell Tem Phillips sent you" 
$ 3.98 


McFarland collection

- Steve 


Fun Vintage Stuff!!

Fun Stuff! Merry Christmas! Connie Warren


Western Auto Christmas Catalog

I heard the caller call in and you were talking about the Western Auto Store at Poplar and Cleveland. It brought back so many memories!  Your so right! The smell of new tires!!

Connie warren


Federal Express St Jude Classic 1988

Memphis Belle

Vintage Summer Ave.

You can see Western Auto and the Fortner's Furniture and many more!

- Connie

Bobby Blue Bland

I have the 45 R P M single that is my all time favorite that he did

- Steve


Polar Bears on Parkway

In the mid-1930's my uncle, Bob Ewing, installed the first frozen custard machine in Memphis across from the Fairgrounds. It was a stand-alone building shaped like an ice-igloo and was called The FROZEN CUSTARD. There were two snowball-tossing bears on either side of the window where one ordered cones of custard. Many years later (1950's) the building was incorporated into the Fairview drive-in restaurant and the original bears were removed and replaced eventually by the ones there now. My uncle worked for the man who innovated the idea of soft ice cream and installed machines all over the eastern part of the U.S. He lived just one block from the Frozen Custard stand at 927 East parkway, That house was just razed in November of 2014. Lots of great memories over the years in that vicinity. Charlie lambert

- Charlie Lambert

Retired and loving it

The Cotton Carnival!

Remember when it was just as Big or Bigger than the Mid-South Fair!!


Sputnik Monroe

Juke Box Labels

I was lucky to be at work at Pig-A Dilly a couple of times in the early 70's when the Juke Box man came to change out the records!  He would let you buy the ones he took off for 25 cents and give you the record sleeve and the Juke Box label!  I worked there after school 3 days a week.

This is a picture of the Jukebox! in the late 1960's


Schwinn Ad

bicycles and vintage.


Howdy Doody Time

Doesn't this just make you SMILE! like Sunny 1210!

- Connie Warren

The Man of the Year in Memphis Media

Dr. George Flinn,

I met you at a Ham Radio breakfast meeting in Bartlett.  

You do have many interests, and in researching, 

I found you are well qualified. 


I understand that you are Running for Senator 

and I will probably vote for you.


However, TODAY, 

I am voting for you as 

The Man of the Year in Memphis Media,

because of your great contributions 

to the Memphis Media Radio Scene. 


Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941


Billy Wicks

Madison Ave in 1904

Year 1904

Madison Ave looking west toward the river.

From where Baptist Hospital would be on the left and Russwood Park on the right