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SUNNY 1210AM plays you favorite music & memories of Memphis. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

Western Auto Christmas Catalog

I heard the caller call in and you were talking about the Western Auto Store at Poplar and Cleveland. It brought back so many memories!  Your so right! The smell of new tires!!

Connie warren


Federal Express St Jude Classic 1988

Memphis Belle

1950 Woolworth Menu

1966 Sears Wish Book

What fun memories!

- Connie Warren


Heart's Bakery

This is what we got when we went on a field trip to Hart's bakery in the middles 1960's. I cannot remember who Tom Suratt was, his signature is on the back.

Also, on that day Bill Killbrew was there and he drew caricatures of the kids!

I can still remember how good it smelled~

- Connie Warren


The Cotton Carnival!

Remember when it was just as Big or Bigger than the Mid-South Fair!!


Sputnik Monroe

Juke Box Labels

I was lucky to be at work at Pig-A Dilly a couple of times in the early 70's when the Juke Box man came to change out the records!  He would let you buy the ones he took off for 25 cents and give you the record sleeve and the Juke Box label!  I worked there after school 3 days a week.

This is a picture of the Jukebox! in the late 1960's


Peter Noone! Omni Hotel!

I remember that night so well!   We had a blast!!!   I won the tickets from WHBQ!

You introduced Peter Noone!  He said something funny to you, as you handed him the microphone, but we couldn't hear what he said.  The whole show was Fabulous!!

- Connie and Rex Warren

1967 Sears Wish Book

George, there are some pictures  of radio kits you will love!!

This Sears Wish book featured Dennis The  Menace all thru the whole catalog!



Old Photos of Memphis from Ralph

Dr. Flinn,  I do like to listen to your radio station on 1210 AM or sometimes on 96.3 FM.  I have collected a few pictures of "old Memphis" and am sending a few along to you today:


Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941


Billy Wicks

Madison Ave in 1904

Year 1904

Madison Ave looking west toward the river.

From where Baptist Hospital would be on the left and Russwood Park on the right

1969 Sears Wish Book

I had so much fun taking these pictures that I sat down and looked at the catalog and time got away from me! I looked at the clock and 3 hours had went by! LOL!

- Connie Warren


Ed Sullivan

I loved watching Ed Sullivan  and  Topo Gigio  on Sunday Nights!  So exciting back then to see the Bands you listen to on the radio, on TV!

It wasn't like now days, you can you-Tube them when  ever you want to see them 24-7!


Fairview Drive in Polar Bears

Two photos of the polar bears that were at the Fairview drive in. Same location that's now the Happy Hocker Pawn shop
- Robert Vaughn


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